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Nazir Uddin
Posts: 45

24-Apr-2014 12:06:15 PM
Hello Everyone !
As I leave Singapore for professional reasons I would like to extend my appreciation of the opportunity of playing & enjoying football @BBFC. It wasnt only the football but getting to know the real Singaporeans and making friends.

27th April 2014, game would be the last game and would mark 4+ years of association with BBFC.

I would continue to keep the accont to stay in touch and in case I return back :)


Posts: 2389

24-Apr-2014 2:03:19 PM
Hey Naz, It's great to have you with us for the past few years.
You're always welcome to come back as and when you are available again.

Seeya on sunday!

Steady lar!

Nazir Uddin
Posts: 45

25-Apr-2014 12:29:30 AM
 Hi Kent,
thanks and looking forward to Sunday as always !

David Tan
Posts: 605

25-Apr-2014 8:20:01 AM
Hi Naz do visit us soon and join us for a game when you're in town. See you on sunday

Toni Teo
Posts: 72

25-Apr-2014 5:57:49 PM
Will be there for your testimonal match.

19 going 20 and still counting ... now is 21

Nazir Uddin
Posts: 45

26-Apr-2014 10:36:10 PM
 Thanks Toni, see you tomorrow :)

Nazir Uddin
Posts: 45

26-Apr-2014 10:36:55 PM
 Hi David, sure thing, thanks

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