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20-Sep-2014 11:03:01 AM
Updates & Reminders

To be familiar with the tournament rules and game format, please visit BB Challenge Tournament Page or ask your captains.
For further clarifications, feel free to approach David, Tingfuor me.
Nonetheless, below are some of the essential information:

It's a 4 HOURS tournament, starting from 11am to 3pm.

There's little we can do except to pray for good weather.
In case of really bad weather, instructions will be disseminated to you via your captains.
Hence, be sure that your captains have your mobile numbers & stay contactable for updated information.

All teams are advised to prepare your own gloves for your keeper.

Jersey colour
Be sure to bring the right colour!!
Avoid wearing those striped/multi-color jersey that are confusing (e.g. juventus or barca)

Players, please pass $5 each to your captains.

General rules
No offside. Backpass rules applies. meaning keeper cannot handle the ball passed by his own team mates.

Boundary & Balls
Be familiar with the boundary map (shown below), especially the penalty area.
We will be using disc cones as indicators, shown in the yellow shaded area.
It is up to Referees' judgement to determine the penalty area in the event there is any infringement around the zone.

Given the close proximity between 2 fields, balls are expected to cross over to the other side quite frequently.
Teams, please bear with it.
Referees, stop play if necessary.

We will be using two different coloured balls to avoid confusion.
Queensway's fences are pretty short. So if the balls go over the fence, substitutes from the responsible team will retrieve it.

Steady lar!

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