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Ng Chuan Yi
Posts: 1

31-Jan-2017 7:38:43 PM
Hi I am the latest newbie here. Looking forward to join any up coming football match. Last play 6 month ago is ESZPN league. Never been out of the game for so long.

Looking forward to touch the grass again asap.

Daniel Leman
Posts: 2

20-Mar-2017 3:43:40 PM
 Hi I am Daniel , 28 yrs old and new in city. I'm looking forward to join training sessions and play games in a competitive and casual fun environment.
Im looking forward to join training sessions and gameplay , if there is someone who can tell me where, what to bring with it would be nice :)
i ve played football for more than 10 yrs so I am really high experienced player :)

Timothy Stott
Posts: 1

25-Mar-2017 9:18:49 PM
 Hi everyone, my name is Tim and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Highly experienced and hoping to meet new people and play the game we all love!

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