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Marvin Teh
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16-Apr-2017 4:19:50 PM
Hi guys , i am the newbie that just joined this forum, hope to play with you guys soon and make new friends . Here is a brief description of me :

Name: Marvin
Age : 26
Height: 165cm ( ya short )
Weight: 68kg ( A little overweight but working on it )
Years of Play: about 10 years ( back when i was in secondary school but stopped for awhile due to LIFE )
Positions played : Center Forward , Right wing , Atk Mid etc
Preferred Position: Striker
Achievement: 3rd Place position in South Division ( forget what the division is called )

Yup i have been away from playing soccer for very long and am very rusty, would hope and love to get back to it as soon as possible!

Derrick Ong
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28-Apr-2017 10:47:10 PM
Hi guys, Derrick here. Just joined Bugis Beatles. Just a bit of an intro on myself: I'm 43 this year, took up soccer as an adult about 12 years ago when I was living in Australia. Love the game but never trained formerly at school or in a club. I used to play on a full field when I was living in Australia, but mainly played in futsal courts when I returned to Singapore about 7 years ago. Have laid off playing for a while now (about 1 year) so will need time to get back into the game, so please excuse my mistakes on the field! Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday

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