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17-Apr-2005 10:08:54 PM
a few mates feedback that they have problems finding their way around this website, some to the extend of not knowing how to confirm their status for upcoming games.

perhaps a majority of them came in while it was in the development stage, thus knowing the features a lot better than the others.

i am trying my best to make it as foolproof as possible. however, as a developer, i am unable to see from a user's point of view unless u guys feedback them to me.

a help section has been there for quite a while, explaining some of the frequently asked questions.

if you find those FAQs inadequate or have an idea to enhance on this website, dont feel shy to bring it up either in the forum or the above chatbox.

i will try to get back to you asap.

this joint is to beef up the communication among the team mates, so let us do just that.

Steady lar!

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17-Apr-2005 11:11:13 PM
i'm comfortable with this website dude!
haha i mean it;s a great job though maybe u can start a brief on intro of the functions of what ur vote and rating means?
as in i see 2 similar feature in ur rate and performance section both are the same to rate the players. so why the trouble ?>
could have done with one section save the confusion

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Edited on 14-Jun-2005 9:34:59 PM
good suggestion.

i was having a hard time finding out where to place rating of performance and performance viewing.

putting them together is an option, but the reason why i didnt do so is because it could be quite a cluster.

which is why i put a link on both pages in hope that u folks see a relation in them.

now, for a brief introduction of the features:

this is where u change your profile and change your photo.

here is where you rate your team mates' abilities, as in how good is his passing, shooting and etc.

upcoming fixture.
click on the fixture date to confirm your attendance

something for you guys to play with.
choose a formation and vote who do you think is best playing in the selected formation.

after every game, rate the performance of your team mates.

after rating your team mates, view the overall rating of all players thruout the season.
there is a cm type value calculating players' worth based on his committment, attributes and ongoing performance.


if u find the above chatbox too crampy, use this page to view all the chat messages.


let me know if you need a more precise explanation of a particular feature.

Steady lar!

Kheng Fatt
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18-Apr-2005 12:55:52 AM
yes, you left out explanation on the GAMES section.

Why i click on it yet cannot play those games??

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18-Apr-2005 12:57:33 AM
oh... for the games, when u click, there is suppose to be a new window popping up with the flash game.

i reckon your internet explorer probably deny popups. try press CTRL as you click on the link.

Steady lar!

Kheng Fatt
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18-Apr-2005 11:46:47 PM
i am using mozilla firefox. Maybe thats why..
nvr mind then

Alex Hay
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19-Apr-2005 10:36:58 PM
The website keeps refreshing by itself every second. Is it normal?

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19-Apr-2005 10:40:27 PM
its the chatbox above actually, that is doing the refreshing (every 7 seconds).

it is quite normal really and doesnt take up a lot of resources.

Steady lar!

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