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21-Jul-2006 2:00:25 PM
First saw this on ESPN Sports Center a couple of nights ago.

It was the match btw Man U and Kaiser, when Paul Scholes did a superb defensive clearance to prevent teammate Dong from scoring =)

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21-Jul-2006 2:18:01 PM
he just come back from eye injury (if i am not wrong).
cant blame him from not "seeing" very well.

Steady lar!

David Tan
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21-Jul-2006 5:10:00 PM
that was really terrible.. hope he recover fully and back to his best. he's one of my fav player.

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22-Jul-2006 1:16:21 PM
Yes... impt player for Man-united, its good to see him on the pitch after all his injuiries last season...

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