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cliff khoo jun hao
Posts: 15

28-Mar-2007 5:04:36 PM
anyone notice there is a soccer card game , in bugis , douby ghaut , amk,jurong and marina . it is fun . haha

Posts: 171

28-Mar-2007 6:24:40 PM
I am in KoF ....

Ting Fu
Posts: 867

28-Mar-2007 9:07:28 PM
i am arcade noob.....only play daytona even if I step inside.....and I drive suxs too...LMAO..

cliff khoo jun hao
Posts: 15

29-Mar-2007 4:13:41 PM
haha should try taking a look at it . in japanese language. but apperance damn real haha nice

Posts: 68

1-Apr-2007 6:42:43 PM
the card soccer game is around for damn think during my poly days i already saw it i think the in-thing is the romance of the three kingdom card game...more

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