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One of the funniest moment I had watching F1 races...

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30-Sep-2008 11:21:02 PM

singaporepools is laughing it's way to bank as well.

Steady lar!

Ting Fu
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to add on abit as a non-f1 fan here....this night race really caught my's really outstanding compare to all other races around the world.....the cars just looks so different during NIGHT and the well litted track really show off singapore on the tv including the over 100k+ of spectators in the stands makes this grand prix a standout....... kudos to singapore for this great NIGHT idea....

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5-Oct-2008 2:49:44 AM

Fell alsp half way through the telecast....maybe lacking of space to overtake in the Spore circuit....

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6-Oct-2008 10:22:09 AM

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