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Muhammad Nazrin Shah
Posts: 1

6-Oct-2009 11:06:53 PM
Can the training ground be change to a new location where there is a goal post?

Posts: 2389

6-Oct-2009 11:52:32 PM

definitely viable.

which venues u have in mind?

Steady lar!

Posts: 6

7-Oct-2009 4:13:02 AM
i can suggest yew tee open free field or ang mo kio open field....

IAM C Boon Khai
Posts: 2

7-Oct-2009 5:56:45 AM
nice suggestion.
i think so too.
can train our shooting accuracy.
any place will do.
as long not as far as tamp.
near woodlands area:)

Tze Hsuan
Posts: 25

7-Oct-2009 8:16:52 AM
hmmm... true... centralised areas?

Amirul Azri
Posts: 1

7-Oct-2009 5:00:54 PM
bishan active? its opposite catholic high sch

David Tan
Posts: 605

7-Oct-2009 9:29:52 PM
Most field with goal post have to pay and book in advance. So if we have insufficient players, may not be good idea unless we can find a free pitch with goalpost.

However, i'm suggesting maybe have a "training match" among ourselves once a month(probably every last sun of the month) so that we can have something to look forward to every month(3 wkend of training at a free-to-play field follow by 1 wkend of "training match" at a better pitch with goalpost every month)? We can try it for a few months and if we can maintain good turnout(14 players and above for the training matches), we can then increase the "training match" frequency to twice a month, etc.

For location, I would prefer Bukit Merah sec thou cos we can play 7 or 9 aside matches using the smaller pitch or goalpost if we have less than 20 players and if we have enough players, we can play the full field and also becos of its centralised location. Cost of booking the pitch will be shared equally among all who attend the game.

Tey Jyh Woei
Posts: 55

8-Oct-2009 8:21:30 PM
good idea!!
thank david!!

Like BALL Games~!!

Tze Hsuan
Posts: 25

9-Oct-2009 11:28:48 AM
yea... good idea!

David Tan
Posts: 605

16-Oct-2009 2:11:06 PM
Since most are ok with the Idea of at least 1 training match a month at a better pitch with goalpost. We'll try and plan for it. 

Therefore, please show your support by indicating your attendance earlier in order to facilitate the booking of the pitches. Meanwhile, feel free to keep your suggestions coming in!

Lim Kok Xiong
Posts: 20

9-Nov-2009 10:47:26 PM
Muhammad Nazrin Shah,

for this can . as long as all are willing to pay for field with GP(goal post) . As to what i know , field with goal post tend to be no FFA(free for all) , if there is , it would be centralise location like GESS(Gan Eng Sec Sch). Unless turn out rate improves , its unlikely that we will go for field with GP , even its share costs , the field is like 50 bucks , but the turn out is 5 person , you expect that 5 person to play 10 bucks each when they just kick around like some crazy people ? Hope that answer your question .

Lim Kok Xiong.


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