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Lubis Ratno
Posts: 4

25-Feb-2007 9:48:35 AM
thanks kent. that was fast.

Posts: 171

27-Feb-2007 11:57:18 AM

Nam Sing
Posts: 135

1-Mar-2007 9:52:49 AM
welcome hmm seems like we got some good covers for the left and right back positions.

Alex Hay
Posts: 248

1-Mar-2007 11:35:41 PM
You are most welcome.

I want to be your friend. Please add me at:

Chua Poh Siong
Posts: 2

23-Mar-2007 2:30:55 AM
hi new here... not much experience in field..usually court de... still can play?
aniwae heres my intro: 

Name: Gabriel Chua
Age :
Years of Play:
err 6-8 yrs?
Positions played :
since i play in court its ani position...
Preferred Position:
CB or CM
Favourite Team :
Man u
What you like about Soccer : Juz Soccer~ 

Posts: 2389

23-Mar-2007 1:14:37 PM
welcome to the joint, poh siong.
sure, u are welcomed to play.

Steady lar!

Chua Poh Siong
Posts: 2

23-Mar-2007 1:49:55 PM

Originally posted by Kent:
welcome to the joint, poh siong.
sure, u are welcomed to play.

wow thks Kent..i tot tis forum ish dead..since the last post b4 mi ish 1st march -.-"
wait i try to borrow boots frm my frenz 1st..cos mine worn out liao...if can tem i go to the training =)

Alex Hay
Posts: 248

24-Mar-2007 8:12:50 PM
Welcome, bro. another man u fan here. we r the champion.

I want to be your friend. Please add me at:

Clement Wong
Posts: 1

Edited on 12-Jul-2009 10:34:22 PM
Hi all!

Newbie that just joined today!

Would like to ask whether the team train on weekday evenings at Bugis? hope to join up after work :)

Name: Clement Wong
Age: 26 this year
Height: 174cm
Weight: 63kg
Positions Played: Center Midfield, Left/Right Midfield
Preferred Position: Center Midfield
Wears: Puma V1.08, Adidas Predator Powerswerve
Team: Manchester United
Player: Cristiano Ronaldo


Posts: 306

14-Jul-2009 11:19:28 PM
hi clement...welcome to the BB joint !!!
we are not playing at Bugis anymore and nowadays play on Sunday morning at Gan Eng Seng Sec (near Tiong Bahru/Redhill).
hope to c u on the field soon...cheers!

Alex Hay
Posts: 248

14-Jul-2009 11:38:11 PM
Hi Clement, welcome. I am Man U fan too. I am still trying to recover from the shock after Fergie signed Owen up and give him CR's shirt. :)

I want to be your friend. Please add me at:

Lim Kok Xiong
Posts: 20

11-Sep-2009 9:38:05 PM
Name: Kok Xiong
Age : 20
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 100kg (need to slim down fast >.<)
Years of Play: 5 yrs
Positions played : All except GK and MID
Preferred Position: DEF or ST
Wears: F50+ (Black) haha btw got a series or F50 shoes with me o.0
Achievement: Played in F50 vs Predator tourament organise by ADIDAS
Favourite Player(s): F.Torres and Luis Garcia
Favourite Team : Liverpool FC !!!
Most hated Personnel: Fergie o.0
What you like about Soccer: Flair is Everything but Without Teamwork , It's Nothing ...

Posts: 2389

11-Sep-2009 11:16:18 PM
welcome kok xiong, good to see you around. i think u are the tallest among us.

Steady lar!

Posts: 4

19-Sep-2009 3:23:56 PM
Name: Marcus 
Age: 17
Height: 185
Weight: 70
Years played: 5 years
Position: Played mostly everywhere in street soccer.
Prefered postion: LM or RM
Supported Club: Manchester United
Favourite Player: Frank Lampard

David Tan
Posts: 605

19-Sep-2009 10:07:39 PM
A warm welcome to all new players. Hope to see all of you joining us for our usual kickabout soon. We hope to constantly grow our members so that we can get a regular group of players who are passionate about the game to play soccer to together regularly.

Do feel free to intro more friends to Bugis Beatles & enjoy the game!!!

Posts: 4

21-Sep-2009 12:29:41 PM
U guys usually train at?

Lim Wen Hao
Posts: 2

22-Sep-2009 3:56:33 PM
Hi all.
Name: Lim Wen Hao
School: Republic Poly year 1 student
Age: 17
Prefered postion : Mid Field, Defender, Striker.

Short introduction: I have been playing soccer since primary school, will play soccer at least once every week.
                                  Very excited of joining Bugis Beatles, looking forward to play with all of you. :)

Favourite player: Michael Owen, no matter how others criticize him,  I will support him. Just look at the late goal
                              that he scored against Man City and earned manu another 3 points.  :)

Mohamed Naszrul
Posts: 1

22-Sep-2009 3:58:53 PM
Hi, I'm interested in joining you guys train.

Name: Naszrul
Age : 17
Weight: 50kg
Years played: 8 years
Positions: ST,WG,CM,RB
Preferred Positions: ST,WG
Favourite team: Chelsea
Favourite player: Anelka

Intro: Currently active playing soccer with friends but looking forward to play in a different environment.

Posts: 2389

23-Sep-2009 10:44:24 PM
warm welcome to the new players. hope to see you folks soon on the pitch.

Steady lar!

Tze Hsuan
Posts: 25

25-Sep-2009 11:17:20 AM
my self introduction:

Name: Aidan or Hsuan
Age : 20 gg 21
Height: 170m
Weight: 60kg 
Years of Play: 5-6 yrs. (broke btoh shin bones in my right leg during pri 6 so i stopped for like 7yrs.)
Positions played : all positions in midfield + right back. 
Preferred Position: right wing, right back (but my crossing sucks ever since i broke my leg... zzz...)
Wears: some umbro boots.
Achievement: played for national youth team during pri 5 & 6 (tt time still dun hv u-13)
Favourite Player(s): owen, sneidjer
Favourite Team : Man Utd
Most hated Personnel: none... think that everyone is good in their own ways...
What you like about Soccer: teamwork, team co-operation, team spirit... =D

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